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So I haven't updated in let's say....forever.
     I've been busy, sue me. I am enjoying school of course....and I'm enjoying free time even more now that I have it. I love october. It's my favorite month. I love the weather and Halloween, and just everything about it. Everything feels so clean....and everybody looks prettier. Maybe that's why the girls I know seem to be in heat. Cold weather promotes cuddling. I like that. I don't like mud....well, mud is okay when it's minding it's own business.
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So, I leave in about 24 hours to go back to Nac... I'm so happy!
...and yet... Do I have everything packed? No! What am I doing online?
On a happier note... Today I received the entire collection of Blackadder on DVD. There will be a marathon.
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So, I'm in beautiful Keystone Colorado. I'm having a nice relaxing time, even if this little resort town is too touristy for me.
Tonight we went to dinner at an "Authentic Irish Pub." I had the fish and chips... it was good...but not as good as say... Beshoff's in Ireland. The pub was decorated in Guinness and Jameson stuff and pictures of Dublin and Irish countryside. They even had some old roadsigns with the gaelic on them... but there were just some things that weren't quite right...So I've compiled a list.

Dead giveaways that the Cala Inn Pub is not an "Authentic Irish Pub"
1. Too much room to walk around.
2. Air conditioning.
3. Advertised Guinness and Jameson and not Bud or Miller.
4. Beer cost less than five dollars.
5. Hearing only one accent that sounded foreign to me. (She was from Delaware lol)
6. Ketchup on the tables.
7. Nearly everyone had brown eyes.
8. Multiple advertisements for Black & Tans.
9. A large Union Jack.
10. A man drinking his Guinness before it was good and ready. (I wanted to point and laugh)
11. Smithwick's pronounced correctly instead of 'Smiddicks.'
12. Ice in my coke.
13. Not getting a funny look when I only asked for coke.
14. Refills.
15. Not in Ireland. (I'm so perceptive)

I miss Ireland. That pseudo Irish Pub made me miss it...I want to call it homesick but I don't live there... a problem I can remedy. ^_^
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So today started out rough...
I woke up when my alarm went off and then said "Eff that" when my ovaries decided to explode...so I took a vicodin and went back to sleep and was pretty much a lazy ass all day... Then I went to stage movement at 3... Sword fighting is fun...but not when you are on drugs... I kinda died a little in stage movement, honestly, and kinda sat out for the last half...
But! Rehearsal made my day fabulous.... because I heart puppet people....and sewing... and I got to listen to Bob Dylan and discuss David Bowie's bulge...

I'll leave you with this....
Hugs are good for the soul.
Hugs are better when you don't have to ask for them.
Hugs are best when you don't smell like an ape.

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Ahh, life...

So, I went to the doctor last Friday as planned. I get to keep my ovaries. Huzzah! (I will just hurt forever until I get them removed. Boo!) Which makes me wonder about the future. Not that I am in any way expecting marriage or kids ever, but is it gonna be hard to have children if I do end up a completely normal suburban housewife? Feh. That whole scenario is a little far fetched for me.
Pregnancy is such a weird idea anyway...I want to know what it's like...I mean not that I wanna have kids....just be pregnant....just for a little while... I mean, you could get away with so much stuff...
Yelling at the bank teller- "I am just sick and tired of you being so mean to me! *sobs* You think I'm fat!!!"
I mean that is psychotic stuff...and you get away with it because you have a huge lump on your abdomen....that's awesome.
I think I want to live more than once.... I'll finish out this life the way I am right now, and the next time around I'll start out life as a little girl who is Easy-Bake Ovened and Barbied into being the desirable suburban housewife who vacuums in heels and who doesn't like football and cars.... I'm such a man.

If you read all of this you deserve a cookie or two...
Here's an odd quote from today...
"I'm bleeding but I like it!"- Chad
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Spring Broke

Spring break was just what the doctor ordered...literally.
I spent all my time at doctor's appointments and clinics and getting tests run and filling prescribtions...
I'm also kinda deaf right now because both of my ear drums burst.
I got to sleep and take lots of pills... it was fab.
I feel closer to my old self again... instead of the crazy lady I was for the first half of the semester. I've just had so many random things go wrong medically....so many scary possibilites....and taking SO many pills. I've never been so dependant on drugs in my life. They make me crazy. But hopefully I will be back down to just vitamins and birth control soon.
I feel so much better. I sleep at night (except for last night 'cause I was a little ill). I'm happy most of the time(although, that's partly the drugs). I can focus on something for more than a minute now. My ankle is healing up nicely. The weather lately has been beautiful. I love walking around listening to my Beatles albums and reflecting on life. I take the long way to class, and instead of bolting out the door, I leave in enough time to enjoy the day. I'm a real friggin' hippie. lol
I have a doctor's appointment on Friday and I think I should be nervous, but I'm not. They're either going to give me good news or bad news and either way I can't change the out come. And even if I get the bad news, life goes on.
This semester has been a real struggle, but it's taught me a few things:
1) I am stronger than I thought.
2) I need people more than I realized.
3) I love late night Whataburger trips.

Back to her old self,
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"When you're drowning, you don't say, 'I would be incredibly pleased if someone would have the foresight to notice me drowning and come and help me.' You just scream." --John Lennon

...I need a good scream.
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Le Sigh

So, that last post was angry...
I apologize.

So I'm re-putting the blue in my hair.... Well, actually, Joe is redoing my hair.
I'm excited.

Life is good. I love rubber ducks. I bought one today... Mm-hmm....